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MOTHERWORT - Protection, Healing, Blessing

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Motherwort, 1 oz, Organic

Workings: Protection Of Family, Confidence, Inner Trust, Spiritual Healing, Immortality, Peace In The Home, Blessings, Matters of the Heart, Calms and Soothes.

Motherwort can also be used in defensive magick, guarding against left handed workings, removing & keeping away unwanted people and repelling evil spirits.

Often used in rituals and prayers to protect pregnant women and unborn children.

Magical Associations:
Element: Water, Fire
Planet: Venus
Gender: Feminine
Deities: Frigga (Freya, Frige, Fricka, Frija) and Ogun

Also known as: Heartwort, Lion's Tail
Scientific Name: Leonurus cardiaca
Origin: USA

Motherwort is a member of the mint family. Do not use internally if pregnant.


Sold in a closable polypropylene bag, listing is for 1 oz (PP - polypropylene bags are recycle number 5) Sold as curio. Results are never guaranteed. External use only.

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Pamela S

Lots of great quality herbs, thanks!

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'5 stars review from Pam'

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'5 stars review from Pia'

Kelsie O

Everything is high quality so do not fear! The amount is excellent, the shipping is amazing. Will continue to be a repeat customer!


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