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FIERY WALL OF PROTECTION OIL - Enemies, Psychic Vampires

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Fiery Wall oil creates a barrier of protection, it drives away negative energies and seals it shut.

It's also used to remove crossed conditions, hostile magick that is used against you, the evil eye, hexes, bothersome people, emotional and mental attacks, bad relationships, enemies, psychic vampires and evil spirits.

Rub around doors and windows after you cleanse your home. Use for all types of protection work.

Fiery Wall Of Protection oil is made with 'hot' essential oils and herbs, I would not advise using it on your skin.


External use only. Sold as curio. Results are never guaranteed.  Store away from heat, Keep away from children and pets. Always do a skin patch test.

Customer Reviews

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Paul S

Wow. I'm getting a good deal of energies from my diffuser. I'm impressed with how much I got for the money. Good oil. Especially if you're using it while talking to a familiar.

Nicole J

'5 stars review from Nicole'

Maritza C

'5 stars review from Maritza'

Jay R

Everything in this shop is of great quality, and the creator Rhonda is amazing at what she does. She has the experience to curate the best possible items to help you on your spiritual journey.

Nicole J

As always, my order shipped quickly and everything arrived just as described. I love all the oils I received and always appreciate the little gift included with each order 🥰 Thank you so much!